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Join an association of over 2,000 QA professionals who are dedicated to implementing Good Clinical Practices (GCPs) Good Laboratory Practices (GLPs) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) in industry, government, academia and consulting. 

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IMPORTANT: SQA membership is based on a calendar year operating from 1 January through 31 December and membership dues are NOT pro-rated. Please see our Dues Refund Policy.

Membership Types

2019 annual dues $160
Eligible for:

currently enrolled
qualified persons
Specialty Sections & listservs

from low/middle
Volunteer/Appointed Committees

income countries
Meeting & training discounts

as defined by
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the World Bank
Mentoring Program

who demonstrate
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an interest
Newsletters & technical papers

in QA
Access to FDA 483 Database

Voting privileges

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"I enjoyed a rich and rewarding career of 38 years, but one which required absolute commitment in order to remain fully informed and up to date with global developments affecting my industry and my role in it. I am delighted to say that membership of the SQA helped me greatly in that regard." — retired SQA Member
Use the links below to review requirements and apply for the type of membership that fits you best. PDF application forms are also available for each member type.