Accounts and Membership:  Frequently Asked Questions

How is an account different from membership?
You may set up an account to do things on the website like register for an event as a non-member or purchase a product. Setting up an account does not automatically make you a member, but you must set up an account before you can submit a membership application. After you submit an application with dues payment, the application is reviewed, and we will contact you if/when it is approved. Access to members-only website content is granted only after membership has been approved. Please see below for more information about the membership application process.

How do I create an account?
Please go to the Create Account page and complete the form there. Please see our Privacy Policy.

If you think you may have an account already, please do not create another one, but follow the steps first to recover your login information. If you create extra accounts, your payment history and other information can become split among those accounts and you will not be able to see all of it at one time on the MY SQA page. If you need assistance, please contact

How do I update my contact information?
Sign in to the site and click the MY SQA button that appears. On the MY SQA page, click the pencil at the top of the information that you need to change. Remember to save your changes. Please see our Privacy Policy.

Why do you collect information about areas of expertise, etc.?
The demographic information collected during account creation helps us to understand more, not only about our prospective members, but also about trends in Quality Assurance. With this information, we can develop meeting programs and other offerings that are relevant to the members and non-members we serve. The information also aids our members in networking with each other. Please see our Privacy Policy.

How do I join the SQA mailing list?
Please go to the Create Account page. Please see our Privacy Policy.

If you have an account, but have stopped receiving e-mail announcements from us, it may be because you opted out, either on this website, or through a link in one of our Informz-based messages. If you think you opted out on the website, please sign in, then click the MY SQA button that appears, and change your e-mail preference on the MY SQA page. If you think you unsubscribed through an Informz link, please contact us at and ask us to re-subscribe you.

To join an SQA Committee or Specialty Section listserv, you must be an SQA member and a member of the Committee or Specialty Section. You must be a Regional Chapter member to join a Chapter listserv. You must be a Registered QA Professional to join the RQAP listserv.

How do I apply for membership?
Sign in to the site. (Create an Account first, if you do not have one.) Go to the Membership Application page and determine the membership type that is right for you. Follow the link to apply for that type of membership, then check out on the secure check-out page. (See below about online payment and wire transfers.) Please see our Dues Refund Policy.
Please note that membership is for the calendar year and dues are NOT prorated.

How long does it take for my membership application to be approved?
The review and approval process varies depending on the type of membership. Please see the chart below. When the process is complete, an SQA staff member will contact you.

Member Type Approval Time / Documentation required
Active* 4 – 6 weeks / Application, CV and documentation of QA involvement
Affiliate 2 – 3 weeks / Application
Student 4 – 6 weeks / Application and student letter/verification
Outreach 2 – 3 weeks / Application, CV and eligible nationality
* Only Active members may vote or stand for election.

What forms of payment are accepted for online registration?
We accept payment online with Visa, MasterCard or American Express credit card. 

May I pay by check?
If you are in the U.S., you may pay by check. Please complete a hard copy membership application for your member type (see the Membership Application page) and write the check number on the form. (Writing the check number assures that we can match the check to the application, should they become separated.) Mail the form and check in the same envelope to our mailing address.

May I pay by wire transfer?
If you are outside of the U.S. and need to pay by wire transfer, please complete a hard copy membership application for your member type (see the Membership Application page) and indicate that you need to make a wire transfer. An SQA staff member will contact you with instructions.

May I cancel my membership and get a dues refund?
Please see our Dues Refund Policy.  We may be able to grant hardship status in the case of a job loss, subject to review by the Board of Directors.