Registries of Current RQAP Credential Holders

SQA welcomes 48 new Registered Quality Assurance Professionals in April 2019! See the full press release.

Please click below to find the lists of individuals who currently hold the credentials of Registered Quality Assurance Professional in Good Clinical Practices (RQAP-GCP) and Registered Quality Assurance Professional in Good Laboratory Practices (RQAP-GLP). Individuals who formerly held either credential but have let their registration lapse are not listed here. 

Registry of RQAPs in GLP
Updated 28 May 2019

Registry of RQAPs in GCP
Updated 13 May 2019

RQAP Emeritus Listing

Any current Registrant holding either the RQAP-GCP or RQAP-GLP credential (or both) who has retired from active work in quality assurance may apply to the Council on Professional Registration (Council) for RQAP Emeritus status. The Council may confer RQAP Emeritus status upon those applicants who have represented the RQAP program with integrity and honor during the time they held their credential. Individuals with RQAP Emeritus status may no longer serve on the Council or Council-appointed committees or vote in Council-related elections, and they are relieved from the responsibility of fulfilling triennial re-registration requirements. They must thereafter append the abbreviation "(Em.)" to the RQAP-GCP or RQAP-GLP designation(s) after their names. If an RQAP Emeritus individual returns to active work in quality assurance, the RQAP Emeritus status may be revoked and the individual may be required to re-take the appropriate RQAP examination(s) in order to have their credentials reinstated.

To apply for RQAP Emeritus status, or to nominate someone else, please fill out an application:

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The following individuals have been awarded RQAP Emeritus status by the Council:
  • Elliott Graham RQAP-GLP (Em.) - awarded in 2015
  • David Marks RQAP-GCP (Em.) - awarded in 2016
  • Lance Sandvik RQAP-GLP (Em.) - awarded in 2016
  • John Yergler RQAP-GLP (Em.) - awarded in 2012

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About the RQAP Credential

Demystifying RQAP
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