Mentoring Program

The Mentoring Program is a service provided to SQA members whereby the Mentoring Program Committee (MPC) establishes a temporary partnership between two Society members for the purpose of education and networking consistent with the MPC Mission.

Step 1 for Mentors

Complete your application.

Mentor Application

Step 2 for Mentors

Wait for a Mentee to request you as a Mentor. The MPC will contact you if you are requested to ensure that you are still able to participate in the program and that you feel you can help the Mentee who is requesting you based on their application. If you wish to deactivate your application at any time - for a short period of time or forever - contact us at


Step 1 for Peer Partners or Mentees

View the video tutorial and then search for potential Peer Partners or Mentors from the available pool of current applicants. Follow the search instructions to identify two to three preferred mentoring partners that will meet your needs. Make note of their Entry ID numbers and rank as first preferred, second preferred, etc. in your own notes. (Peer Partners may skip this step if desired and simply submit their application and wait for someone else to request a Peer Partnership with them.)

Peer Partner Search

Mentor Search

Step 2 for Peer Partners or Mentees

Complete your application, and indicate the Entry ID numbers for your preferred potential partners where indicated.

Peer Partner Application

Mentee Application

Mentoring Program FAQs

Mentoring Program Committee

Contact us:

Who can participate in the Mentoring Program?

You!  If you are a member of the SQA, then you can apply to be a Mentor, Mentee or Peer Partner!

What's in it for me?

The Society of Quality Assurance and the Mentoring Program Committee acknowledges the dedication of its members as participants of the Mentoring Program.  Successful completion of a six-month partnership will result in:
  • Certificate of Participation
  • 2 RQAP reregistration units (maximum of 2 partnerships or 4 RQAP units per year)


How it Works

Prospective participants may submit their applications following the above directions at any time. The MPC reviews applications and facilitates the establishment of partnerships on an ongoing basis (generally through a monthly meeting with email follow-up). All applicants are notified if a match has been established by the MPC. The MPC supports the formal partnership with tools and progress monitoring for a maximum of six months.

Once the partnership goals have been achieved, each participant completes and submits an evaluation form. The completion of the evaluation officially communicates to the MPC that the formal partnership has concluded, but the individuals in the partnership determine if they wish to continue an informal relationship past this time frame.

The Mentoring Program Partnership Life Cycle looks something like this:

Mentoring Program Partnership Life Cycle

Key Definitions


A person with specified experience that serves as a teacher, a wise and trusted guide and an advisor. In this program, a mentor will impart enriching experiences to their mentee based on their QA experience, will give personal feedback and encouragement in specific situations, and will help the mentee acquire new technical knowledge and skills by guiding the mentee through educational materials and toward training opportunities. 

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More Information

Mentoring Program FAQs

Visit this page for answers to questions that prospective and current participants commonly have.

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Tools for Participants

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Mentor Guidance Document

This document was created as a general guide to being a mentor.  It includes topics such as when to make first contact with your mentor, documents that you will need to file or may use on behalf of the partnership, such as the Partnership Plan, Contact Log and final Evaluation, and tips for a successful partnership or how to terminate an unsuccessful one.  Go to this file if you have recently become a Mentor or if you are thinking of becoming a mentor and would like a better understanding of mentor responsibilities and expectations.

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