Website Updates

The Hosting Move

As of 13 November 2017, most functionality on the SQA website has been restored following the move to an improved hosting environment. Below are a few updates:

  • Learning Management System — The LMS is accessible. This system houses online courses, webinar recordings and the online Annual Meeting Library.
  • Member Listserv — Email functionality resumed last week. Please see more information under "Account Access" on this page.
  • Online Payments — Online transactions are available again, including membership applications, event registrations and purchases of online course or recordings.
  • Individual pages and menu links — Adjustments are still being made to individual pages and a few menu links following the mobile-responsive refresh. New resource pages for Committee and Specialty Section members are being created.

Account Access

With the hosting move and related updates, there are some changes to user accounts on the website:

  • Passwords — Because of new security requirements, all passwords must be at least 7 characters long and contain at least one numeral. For the security of your own information, it is best also to use at least one special character such as a hyphen (-) or exclamation mark (!). If your current password does not meet the requirements, the site should prompt you to update your password. If you have difficulty updating your password or logging in to the site, please contact us at
  • My SQA — The My SQA page has been reformatted to work better in the new mobile-responsive design. Look for the My SQA link that appears near the top of the site after you log in.
  • Listserv — Because of technology changes and security requirements, the online portion of the listserv is no longer supported, but all past messages will be made available soon to each group in an archive on a new resource page. Email functionality resumed last week.


One of the most compelling reasons for moving the SQA website to new hosting was to improve the speed and overall reliability of the site. Other improvements include:

  • Mobile Responsive Design — Now, if you view the site on a mobile device, it will adjust to the width of your screen, making the site easier to read and navigate.
  • Left Menu — The addition of a menu on the left side of most pages makes it easier to locate information on the site.
  • Quick Links — Wonder where all the links at the bottom of the site went? They're still there! Click/tap on "Quick Links" to expand that menu and find content that relates to your role in SQA.