2017 Special Symposium:

Quality Metrics for the QA Professional

Monday-Tuesday, 25-26 September 2017, 8:15 AM – 5:00 PM

Organized by the SQA Beyond Compliance Specialty Section

The Symposium will be held in conjunction with the September 2017 Quality College.

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The Symposium organizers define quality metrics as “quantifiable measures used to track, monitor and assess the success or failure of various quality research, clinical or manufacturing practices.” The main goal of measuring quality metrics is to track critical parameters that affect quality and business decisions, but the underlying goal is to communicate progress toward long- and short-term objectives in quality improvement or maintenance. Identifying key stakeholders and the metrics that matter to them is a critical component of quality metrics programs. The purpose of this Symposium is to introduce the concept of quality metrics, including:
  • What are quality metrics
  • Why measuring quality is essential
  • Establishing the cost of quality for both failure and success
  • Cost to measure and report vs. risk tolerance
  • Process quality triage – trending vs. escalation
  • What should be measured, how often, and to whom it should be reported
  • Provide simple, practical tools that can be immediately applied to support understanding of quality
Learning Objectives
At the end of this Symposium, participants shall be able to:
  • Identify and demonstrate the use of metrics for trending, risk assessment, continual improvement, quality costs, etc.
  • Describe how metrics can be used to reduce rework
  • Use quality metrics tools to establish a trend toward continuous improvement
  • Explain the importance of metrics in a way that can be presented to Management
QA Metrics Symposium 2017 Program Grid Placement.pdf

SQA September Quality College & Special Symposium

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