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Tuesday, 12 December 2017, 11:00AM-12:00PM EST

Pollinator Studies: An Auditor's Perspective

Presented by: Angel Best

Description: For nearly 30 years the GLPs have required the inspection of studies conducted in support of research or marketing permits for pesticide products regulated by the EPA. In that time, we have all gained knowledge and understanding of how to conduct our inspections and how to report them through experience, discussions, presentations, training, etc. Occasionally, however, a “new” area of study is recognized and developed which forces us to engage in this process of learning all over again…and usually in a very short time! Pollinator research is one of these new areas of study which has been picking up speed as the world recognizes the impact potential of pesticides on beneficial insects such as pollinators.

While many things the QAU inspects are similar between crop residue and pollinator studies, it is important to be aware of the differences. This presentation will address the critical phases and raw data which should be audited when a pollinator field study is conducted and how this compares to traditional crop residue studies. You’ll learn how to audit the additional test system, how to audit when procedures are rapidly changing and SOPs aren’t yet set in stone, what data should be documented, and how to deal with the challenge of doing this while surrounded by bees! The presenter, Angel Best, has been a GLP auditor for over 20 years and has been auditing pollinator field studies since 2012. 


RQAP Re-registration units: 0.25 GLP/non-GCP



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