If you've come to learn more about the world of Quality Assurance, you're in the right place!  Explore the resources below to learn how Quality Assurance professionals ensure a world with safe foods, drugs, chemicals and medical devices for humans, animals and the environment. 

The mission of the STEM Committee is to engage students and foster the next generation in the field of Quality, Integrity, and Safety in Science (QISS) while promoting their interest in STEM careers.

What Is Wrong with This Picture?

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Specialty Areas

 Medical Device 
Computer Systems

Qualities of a Quality Assurance Professional

  • Do you always seem to find the errors in restaurant menus?
  • Love the challenge of learning new technology, processes, or science
  • Think about what could go wrong and how it can be prevented
  • Interested in discovering the balance between science and law?
  • Adaptable, thrive on learning about new science and technology
  • Strong moral and ethical balance
  • Detail-oriented

Video: How to become a Quality Assurance Professional

What's Wrong With This Picture Answers

  1. A cat would never be sleeping when a dog is passing by…actually, a cat would never be sleeping in a laboratory—because they are not allowed!
  2. Only 2 of the 5 technicians are wearing laboratory coats as safety protection.  You wouldn’t go outside in the rain without a raincoat, so why would you work in a laboratory without a lab coat?
  3. Food and drink are not allowed in the laboratory.  Would you want some extra green slime on your pepperoni pizza or some extra chemicals in your coffee?
  4. Someone might have “a skeleton in their closet” (i.e., a secret), but a skeleton does not belong in the refrigerator! 
  5. Keeping a secret password posted on the computer screen is not secret! Did you find the yellow post-it note on the computer?
  6. Only 1 of the 4 laboratory technicians handling chemicals or working with laboratory equipment is wearing gloves for safety protection.
  7. Did you ever look at a carton of milk to see the “best before date” or did you ever drink milk after that date and it tasted bad?  Laboratory chemicals also have dates and they can also go bad.  One chemical in this laboratory says “best before 1985” and the other chemical does not even have a best before date!  
  8. The technician writing in the laboratory notebooks is wearing safety goggles, but the other technicians working with chemicals are not wearing any eye protection.
  9. No one has noticed that the refrigerator is leaking.
  10. A laboratory beaker is not the right home for a fish!
  11. The service record is blank for the piece of laboratory equipment.  Laboratory equipment should be maintained just like a car is maintained.

Careers in the Arena of QA

Clinical trials
World travel
Drug development
Doctor/clinical research
Academic research
Regulatory affairs
Computer systems validation
Process improvement
Donor/tissue transplant