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Interested in Quality Assurance as a possible career path? Explore the resources below to learn how you can prepare for a future as a Quality Assurance professional helping to ensure a world with safe foods, drugs, chemicals and medical devices for humans, animals and the environment.

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  • University Specialty Section
    List of higher education programs, technical papers, helpful links and more
  • Mentoring Program
    Matching with an experienced QA professional for guidance on education, specialties within QA, applying regulations in the real world, and more
  • Career Center
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Resources for All College-Age Students

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  • Quality College
    Two-day, full-day and half-day training courses offered twice per year, including introductions to Good Laboratory Practice (GLP), Good Clinical Practice (GCP) and Good Manufacturing (GMP)
  • SQA Annual Meeting
    Three days of concurrent sections covering the breadth of quality assurance, held in March or April each year
  • William J. Lander Sr. Memorial Scholarship
    Supports registration for the SQA Annual Meeting & Quality College
  • Online Courses
    Comprehensive self-paced introductions to Good Laboratory Practice (GLP), Good Clinical Practice (GCP), Standard Operating Procedures and more
  • Webinars
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Careers in Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance professionals work in a variety of sectors, including academia, agriculture, consulting, forensics, government, health care, industry and others. These professionals apply government regulations, along with standards established by international scientific organizations, in the following areas:
Non-Clinical / Pre-Clinical
Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) are about maintaining quality in the way scientific research is conducted in laboratories and field sites. Specialties include microbiology, toxicology, bioanalysis, drug development, food safety, environmental protection, validation of computer systems used for research... and more.
Good Clinical Practices (GCP) assure that clinical trials are conducted safely and accurately on food additives, dietary supplements, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and medical devices for human and veterinary use. A variety of medical, scientific, ethics and data specialists are involved in clinical quality assurance.
Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) assure that food, food additives, dietary supplements, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and medical devices are produced in a consistent and safe way for human and veterinary use. As with GLP and GCP, a variety of scientific and technical specialties are involved.

Video: How to become a Quality Assurance Professional

Are you a candidate for a career in QA?
  • Are you detail-oriented and notice things like errors on restaurant menus or medicine labels?
  • Do you Love the challenge of learning new technology, processes, or science?
  • Do you think about what could go wrong and how it can be prevented?
  • Are you interested in both science and law, and the balance between them?
  • Are you adaptable, and thrive on improving standards?
  • Do you have a strong moral and ethical balance?
If you answered yes to any combination of these questions, Quality Assurance could be a great fit for you!

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