RQAP Re-Registration

To maintain the RQAP credential, all Registered Quality Assurance Profesionals (RQAPs) in GLP and/or GCP are required to re-register every three years. The re-registration program requires that Registrants complete a total of twelve (12) units (with at least six (6) of them based on your discipline-specific activities (GCP or GLP) within the three-year re-registration period.

Re-registration Deadline: Thursday, 31 October 2019 for registered professionals who passed an RQAP exam in 2016 or who last re-registered in 2016. The Council can accept activities completed within the date ranges below for 2019 re-registration applications:

  • Exam Passed in 2016: activities completed between 1 April 2016 and 30 September 2019
  • Last Re-registered in 2016: activities completed between 1 October 2016 and 30 September 2019

Please see the necessary forms to the right as well as an overview of re-registration and the requirements for re-registering below. This year, the re-registration process requires Registrants to use the online request for pre-approval of your non-SQA (or non-Transcript) activities outlined below.

Online Request for Pre-Approval of Re-Registration Activities Completed outside of SQA

All Registrants are required to submit their non-SQA (or SQA activities not on their Online Learning Center Transcript) re-registration activities online, as they are completed, for advance review by CPR.

Click here for written instructions.

The benefits of this feature are numerous:

  • No more last-minute scrambling: If you submit your certificate and agenda for that training session you attended as soon as you have received it, you will not have to search through your files three years later when you need to apply for re-registration. You will also know well in advance of the re-registration deadline if you need to earn more units because you do not have enough.

  • No more lost paperwork: You will always be able to access and re-download any documentation you have uploaded to the system. If you change jobs and need to document a training you had in the past but have lost the certificate in your job change, you will be able to download the copy that you uploaded to the SQA Online Learning Center.

  • No worries about being approved: If CPR has already reviewed and approved 12 units worth of activities - or you've earned 6 units worth of SQA-documented activities and CPR has approved 6 units worth of non-SQA activities - then you will have nothing to worry about at re-registration time. All of your activities have already been documented and approved; the application is just a mechanism to pay your fee and re-confirm your commitment to the ethics statement!

  • Shorter turn-around time for re-registration approval: With CPR reviewing and pre-approving activities that are submitted year-round, they will have less work to do after the re-registration deadline, which means your re-registration can be confirmed earlier.

CPR is especially encouraging all RQAPs with a re-registration due in 2019 who have not yet submitted their application to submit all of their non-SQA re-registration activities through the SQA Online Learning Center as soon as possible. They would prefer not to receive any more documentation in mailed or emailed packets this year if possible.


Re-registration Application

(for RQAP designees who passed the exam or last re-registered in 2016)

Re-registration Application
In order to streamline the application review process this year, Registrants are required to first ensure all of their re-registration activities are in the SQA Online Learning Center, either in the Transcript or submitted for review as self-reported learning activities. Instructions for this process are on the page you will see by clicking the above button. If you have any trouble with the online application process, please let us know at rqap@sqa.org.

Demystifying RQAP
A poster presented by the Council on Professional Registration at the 28th SQA Annual Meeting in Miami, FL, April 2012

SOP: Re-registration Requirements

SOP: Ethics Policy

Exam Item Submission Form
Use only after you have asked for an item writing assignment.
RQAP Emeritus Status

Any current Registrant holding either the RQAP-GCP or RQAP-GLP credential (or both) who has retired from active work in quality assurance may apply to the Council on Professional Registration (Council) for RQAP Emeritus status. The Council may confer RQAP Emeritus status upon those applicants who have represented the RQAP program with integrity and honor during the time they held their credential.

SOP: RQAP Emeritus Status

RQAP Emeritus Listing

Apply Now


The Quality Assurance Professional Registration program was established by the Society of Quality Assurance as a professional enhancement to the field of regulatory quality assurance. It is essential, in such a diverse and evolving profession, for quality assurance professionals to continually refresh their skills and remain current in the latest regulatory requirements and interpretations, and in industry's approach to compliance. The purpose of the RQAP-GLP and RQAP-GCP re-registration programs is two-fold: first, to encourage and recognize continued participation in the field of regulatory quality assurance, and, second, to ensure that quality assurance professionals remain informed and knowledgeable in their profession.


The re-registration program requires that REGISTRANTS complete a total of twelve (12) units within three years of registration or re-registration. A minimum of six (6) units shall be based on discipline-specific activities (GLP-related for RQAP-GLP designations and GCP-related for RQAP-GCP designations) and the remaining six (6) units may be based on relevant professional activities (e.g., a seminar in statistics, analytical chemistry or microbiology; a workshop on organizational effectiveness, process improvement or facilitator training; formal education courses; participating in professional committee work; etc).  Please see question 25 of the RQAP FAQ page for more information on what qualifies for a "discipline-specific" re-registration unit.  If you have any questions concerning applicability of units, please contact the Chair of the Council on Professional Registration.

Documentation supporting proof of units earned must be submitted with the re-registration application.  It is the responsibility of the Registrant to provide unequivocal documentation of the units earned.  The supporting documentation must be clear, concise, traceable/verifiable, and complete. Units without the supporting documentation will not be credited towards re-registration.  For activities not organized or overseen by SQA and/or not pre-approved for re-registration units (with RQAP units indicated on the event certificate), proof of attendance AND documentation of the length of time spent in the activity must be provided.  The re-registration process will operate on the honor system. Submission of fraudulent materials or information may be pursued with a penalty of revocation of registration privileges.

Units may be earned as follows:

  1. Attendance at professional meetings, training workshops/courses, seminars or conferences (both in-person and online): 1 hour of classroom time (not including meals or breaks) = 0.25 unit. Examples of acceptable meetings include: SQA meetings, SQA Chapter meetings, other relevant professional association/society meetings (e.g., JSQA, RQA, RAPS, DIA, ACS, ACRP, NAICC, AALAS, etc.); in-house continuing education; and web-based seminars.
  2. Instructing, lecturing or training: each unique, non-repetitive session presented: 30 minutes of presentation time = 0.25 unit;

  3. Participating author for published, peer-reviewed articles, books or book chapters: each published work = 1 unit;

  4. Primary or first author on technical articles for a relevant professional membership association newsletter (SQA, SQA Chapters and other relevant professional associations/societies) = 0.5 unit;

  5. Primary or first author for a poster presentation: each unique, non-repetitive poster = 1 unit;

  6. Attendance at relevant university course(s): 1 semester/quarter credit = 1 unit (e.g., one 3-credit university course = 3 units);

  7. Membership in a relevant professional membership association (SQA, SQA Chapters and other relevant professional associations/societies) = 0.25 unit per year (each membership), not to exceed 1 unit per year from all association memberships;

  8. Membership in an elected or appointed Committee OR Board-approved Chair or Vice Chair of a volunteer Committee or special interest group (i.e., Specialty Section) for a relevant professional membership association (SQA, SQA Chapters and other relevant professional associations/societies) = 1 unit per year (each committee), with a maximum of 3 GLP or GCP discipline-specific units from this category (any units above 3 in this category may still be used for non-GLP or non-GCP units);

  9. Submission of solicited questions for the RQAP-GLP or RQAP-GCP examination or practice test: every 10 questions submitted = 1 unit (unsolicited questions will NOT be accepted for credit.  Contact the appropriate Examination Committee Chair prior to writing exam questions);

  10. SQA, SQA Chapter and other relevant professional associations'/societies' Mentoring Programs (Mentors, Mentees and Peer Partners): each mentoring partnership = 2 units; maximum allowable units from mentoring per year = 4 units; and

  11. Abstract reviewer for a professional conference = 0.25 unit per conference, with a limit of 0.25 unit per year. A letter or e-mail from the conference chairperson identifying the Registrant as an abstract reviewer is required for documentation.

Dual Registration

There are some special considerations for dual registrants, meaning individuals who have earned both the RQAP-GLP and RQAP-GCP designation. The policies for dual registrants are as follows:

  • Two separate applications and fees are required.
  • Of the required 6 GLP + 6 GCP discipline specific units, GCP units may be used as non-GLP and GLP units may be used as non-GCP units for a total of 12 units. During a re-registration cycle, 6 units of each will provide sufficient credit for both registrations.
  • The same units cannot be used for discipline-specific credit for both disciplines (e.g., one meeting cannot be used for both GLP and GCP units).
  • Non-discipline-specific units can be used for both re-registrations.

In summary, a dual registrant can use the same 12 units to re-register for both programs provided 6 units are GLP-specific and 6 units are GCP-specific and all units were earned in the appropriate three-year time frame for the designation being re-registered.
If desired, a Dual Registrant may synchronize his/her re-registration due dates so that both credentials are due for re-registration in the same year. In order to synchronize due dates, the Registrant shall follow these procedures:

  • The Registrant shall notify SQA Headquarters in writing of his/her desire to synchronize re-registration due dates.
  • The Registrant shall submit an application with supporting documentation of the usual number of re-registration units (12) and fee for the next re-registration due date s/he has for the credential that is due at that time. The Registrant shall also submit an application for the second credential (which may be due for re-registration the following year or two years later) with documentation of a pro-rated number of re-registration units (e.g., 8 if the re-registration is due the following year and 4 if it is due in two years, with half of the pro-rated units required to be specific to the discipline of the credential) and a fee.
  • Provided that the Council approves both applications, the Registrant shall then be required to re-register both credentials simultaneously with the full 12 units (6 of which as specific to the discipline of the credential) after the usual three-year re-registration period has elapsed.



All professional activities applied to re-registration must take place within the three-year period between passing the examination and applying for re-registration, or between sequential and successive re-registration periods.  The first post-examination re-registration period begins on April 1 of the examination year and ends on 30 September three years later, e.g., 1 April 2015 through 30 September 2018.  Subsequent re-registration periods begin 1 October of the re-registration year and end on 30 September three years later.  Activities eligible for submission for re-registration in 2015 should date from 1 October 2012 through 30 September 2015 unless the registrant passed the exam for the first time in 2012, in which case the activities must have been completed between 1 April 2012 and 30 September 2015. The completed application for re-registration must be mailed to the SQA Headquarters and be post-marked on or before 31 October of the re-registration year.  Notice of re-registration status (approval, denial or further information needed) will be provided to all re-registration applicants within 3 months of the 31 October submission deadline.


The current cost of re-registration is $95 for SQA members or $175 for non-members, with a $25 late fee for any application accepted after 31 October. Any applications received more than 90 days after the 31 October deadline will be refused, though Registrants may appeal to the Council if there are extenuating circumstances. Fees should be made payable to the Society of Quality Assurance and must be submitted with the re-registration application.

This information will be distributed to all RQAPs during the summer preceding the expiration of registration.  At that time, more specific information will be provided concerning acceptable methods of payment, the deadline for submission, etc.