RQAP Program News

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Registry of RQAPs in GLP 28 May 2019
Registry of RQAPs in GCP  13 May 2019

RQAP Scholarship Recipients

The following Registered Quality Assurance Professionals were awarded a scholarship to attend the SQA Annual Meeting in the year awarded.

RQAP-GCP Scholarship Recipients 
2019 - Donna M. McElcar, MS, RQAP-GCP
2018 - Shelley C. Stoltz, RQAP-GCP, CQA
2017 - Laura M. Blessing, RQAP-GLP, RQAP-GCP
2016 - Stephen Simpson-Hunt, RAC, CCRP, RQAP-GCP
2015 - Ronda M Jones, RQAP-GCP

RQAP-GLP Scholarship Recipients
2019 - Marc Altres, RQAP-GLP
2018 - James J. Carignan, RQAP-GLP
2017 - Linda J. Schellhaas, RQAP-GLP
2016 - Robyn N. Durr-Henry, MS, RQAP-GLP
2015 - Stacy A. Wilson, RQAP-GLP