Specialty Sections

SQA members are eligible to participate in the following Specialty Sections.

Animal Health Specialty Section
Animal Health Specialty Section (AHSS) provides a forum for interaction among regulated-research professionals in the Animal Health Industry. AHSS develops informative and relevant programs for the SQA Annual Meeting as well as provides opportunities to interact with US regulatory agency representatives.

Beyond Compliance Specialty Section
It is the mission of the BCSS to provide skills, knowledge and tools that will meet the needs of the membership, their peers, colleagues and customers through a broadened perspective for initiating, enhancing and maintaining processes that support compliance.

BioAnalytical Specialty Section
Bioanalytical Specialty Section (BASS) serves as a network resource for QA professionals addressing regulatory compliance questions as applied to GXP bioanalytical testing.  BASS strives to define a standardization of common systems in the industry and works in cooperation with regulatory authorities to assure alignment with the intent of the regulations.  BASS will provide relevant regulatory-based training in the area of bioanalytical testing.

BioTechnology Specialty Section
The mission of the Biotechnology Specialty Section (BTSS) is to: Serve as a resource for SQA members in the interpretation of regulations (e.g., GLP, GMP, GCP) and their application to studies of products created through biotechnology (e.g., therapeutic proteins, transgenic crops, etc.); Provide a forum for monitoring developments related to biotechnology in the regulatory area and disseminating the information to the SQA membership; Develop cooperative relationships with applicable regulatory agencies; and Provide education on topics related to biotechnology.

Clinical Specialty Section
The CSS is a group of Clinical Quality Assurance Professionals within SQA dedicated to promoting and enhancing the development and growth of GCP and Clinical Quality Assurance activities and professionals within SQA.

Computer Validation Initiative Committee (Specialty Section)
The Computer Validation Initiative Committee (CVIC) focuses on the development, promotion, and dissemination of information, ideas, and standards surrounding the global regulatory requirements of computer system development, testing, implementation, maintenance, and decommissioning.

Good Laboratory Practices Specialty Section
The GLPSS is a forum for exchanging ideas and experiences. They are charged with monitoring changes, trends and initiatives within the EPA, FDA and global GLP environment in regards to regulations and guidelines that pertain to the GLPs. The GLPSS has an EPA Subcommittee.

Good Manufacturing Practices Specialty Section
The mission of the Good Manufacturing Practice Specialty Section (GMPSS) is to support the SQA in its endeavor to be a world-class Quality Assurance organization; meeting the needs of the GMP regulatory community by providing a forum for information exchange, promoting effective professional relationships, and fostering the highest professional standards.

Medical Device Specialty Section
The Medical Device Specialty Section (MDSS) serves as a resource to quality assurance professionals in the interpretation and application of federal regulations in the medical device and combination drug/device industry. The MDSS provides education to the quality assurance industry and establishes cooperative relationships with regulatory bodies and other professional organizations in the field of medical devices.

Quality Assurance Consulting Support Specialty Section
The mission of the Quality Assurance Consulting Support Specialty Section (QACS) is to provide timely information and ideas to the membership through meetings and interactive media to assist the independent consultant with day-to-day activities, special projects, business ideas and networking opportunities.

Scientific Archiving Specialty Section
Scientific Archiving Specialty Section (SASS) provides a focal point for SQA members to share ideas and answer questions related to scientific archiving, and to research the references and regulations that apply to the archival storage of scientific data and associated specimens.

University Specialty Section
The University Specialty Section (USS) provides a forum for interaction among QA professionals working in colleges, universities, and associated institutes of education, research, and medicine (human and veterinary). USS develops informative and relevant programs for the SQA Annual Meeting and mid-year training programs, and promotes relevant training for faculty, staff and students regarding Quality practices in basic, applied and clinical research settings.