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SQA Beginnings

In 1980 the Quality Assurance Roundtable was formed by Kathryn Bono, Robert Fishbeck, Richard Siconolfi and Fred Snyder.  These individuals met the year before with an idea to bring together Quality Assurance Professionals in response to US FDA’s Good Laboratory Practice regulation and US EPA’s recall of pesticide registrations studies.  The first QA Roundtable was held in Hunt Valley, Maryland in the fall of 1980.  Fifty-four, soon to be, Quality Assurance Professional assembled to discuss and exchange information on the regulation and the recall.  Only one person per company was allowed to attend.  This principle was enacted to ensure the widest participation.   Due to the nature of these new regulations and recall no government representatives were invited.  However, in 1983 at the Houston QA Roundtable government representation emerged and that event led to the successful meeting.  Government participation continues to this present day where their involvement ensures a successful annual meeting.

The QA Roundtable held five consecutive annual meetings at various venues around the United States.  At all of these meetings, international representation was a key part to establish a credible organization.

Late in 1983 QA Roundtable leadership voted to incorporate and form as a professional organization.  The last QA Roundtable was held in Boston in the fall of 1984.  At this meeting the participants voted to incorporate and elected a slated of officers to guide the organization, which became known as the Society of Quality Assurance.

Those participants approved the By-Laws and Articles of Incorporation and elected Ann Smith as the Founding President, and Fred Snyder as President plus a slate of the officers, directors and elected committees.  Mr. Snyder took the stage at the close of the1984 QA Roundtable meeting and laid out the ground work for this new Society of Quality Assurance.  Mr. Snyder secured financial support from his company until SQA generated enough funds to be self sufficient.  Within in a year SQA had an active Board of Directors, elected committees and 70 Quality Assurance Professionals were approved for membership.

SQA has vibrant leadership and elected twenty-nine Presidents that have served the society.  Our membership continues to grow and now SQA has over two-thousand-one-hundred sixty members.



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Personal Notes from Richie Siconolfi, 2014


SQA Through the Years →

  1. Elected first Officers of SQA

  2. First SQA Newsletter published

    SQA 1st Annual Meeting, Lake Buena Vista, FL

  3. SQA 2nd Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL

  4. Established SQA Honorary Membership

    SQA 3rd Annual Meeting, Arlington, VA

  5. SQA 4th Annual Meeting, Nashville, TN

  6. Hired SQA Executive Secretary at SQA HQ Alexandria, VA

    SQA 5th Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA

  7. SQA 6th Annual Meeting, Orlando, FL

    Issued first SQA Member Directory

    Initiated Publishing first SQA Classifieds

    First Regional Chapter Established: RMRCSQA

  8. SQA 7th Annual Meeting, Kansas City, MO

    First Established SQA Historical Committee

    Initiated Publishing SQA Regulatory Bulletin

    Held first Basic Training Workshop Outside SQA Annual Meeting

    Regional Chapters Established: MARSQA and MWRCSQA

  9. SQA 8th Annual Meeting, Atlanta, GA

    Established Corporate Sponsorship

    Regional Chapter Established: PRCSQA

    Held first Specialized Training Workshop Outside SQA Annual Meeting

  10. SQA 9th Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA

    Hired first SQA Project Coordinator

    Published 1st Proceedings From SQA Annual Mtg.

  11. SQA 10th Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA

    SQA HQ Managed from NC

    SQA 10th Anniversary Annual Meeting New Orleans LA

  12. SQA 11th Annual Meeting, Phoenix, AZ

    Regional Chapter Established: NCARSQA

    Established Education Committee Charter

    First SQA Member Appointed to OECD GLP Workshop

    First SQA Member Appointed to EPA’s ELAB

    SQA HQ Managed from Alexandria, VA

    Regional Chapter Established: NCARSQA

  13. SQA 12th Annual Meeting, Baltimore, MD

    First Strategic Advisory Board Established

    Established CVIC

    Established Clinical Advisory Board

    Regional Chapter Established: NERCSQA

  14. SQA 13th Annual Meeting, Seattle, WA

    Administered first RQAP-GLP Exam & Certified first group

  15. SQA 14th Annual Meeting, Denver, CO

    Established SQA.org

    Regional Chapter Established: NCCSQA

    Enhanced GCP Efforts

  16. SQA 15th Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL

  17. SQA 16th Annual Meeting, Montreal, Canada

    Signed MOU With JSQA

    Administered 1st RQAP-GLP Exam Outside USA in Japan

    Established Independent Council on Professional Registration

  18. SQA 17th Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA

    Signed MOU with BARQA

    Established Canadian Chapter of CCSQA

    SQA Managed by Custom Management Group, Charlottesville, VA

  19. SQA 18th Annual Meeting, Albuquerque, NM

    Established New SOPs and Reviewed Old SOPs

    Established Specialty Sections: Animal Health

    Established Membership Retention Development

    Established Online Question & Answer Database

  20. SQA 19th Annual Meeting, Washington, DC

    Increased SQA Board of Directors from 4 to 6 Elected Position

    Incorporated OECD Content in RQAP-GLP Exam

    Transitioned Website from Public Page to Enhanced Members-Only Page

    Established Specialty Section: Clinical, Medical Device and University

  21. SQA 20th Annual Meeting, Reno, NV

  22. 1st International QA Conference, Orlando, FL

  23. 22nd SQA Annual Meeting, Pheonix, AZ

  24. 23rd SQA Annual Meeting, Austin, TX

    Regional Chapter Established: SRCSQA

    Administered 1st RQAP-GCP Exam and Certified First Group

  25. 24th SQA Annual Meeting, Memphis, TN

    Regional Chapters Established: NRCSQA & ICSQA

    2nd International QA Conference Edinburgh

  26. SQA 25th Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA

    Launched New SQA Enhanced website

    Hosted first SQA member webinar

  27. SQA 26th Annual Meeting, Cincinnati, OH

    Quality Matters newsletter became electronic only

    Reinvigorated Rapid Responses to Draft Guidances and other Regulatory Communications

    Held First International RQAP Exam Administration through Computer Based Testing

  28. SQA 27th Annual Meeting, San Antonio, TX

    Began recording Annual Meeting sessions 3rd Global QA Conference, Kyoto, Japan

  29. SQA 28th Annual Meeting, Miami, FL

    Launched Student Membership category

    Launched RQAP Emeritus status

  30. SQA 29th Annual Meeting, Indianapolis, IN

    Held the first GLP World Cup

    Formed the EPA subcommittee of the Good Laboratory Practices Specialty Section

  31. 4th International QA Conference, Las Vegas, NV/30th SQA Annual Meeting

    Launched entirely new SQA website

    Launched the SQA Learning Foundation to support online education and other outreach projects

  32. 31st SQA Annual Meeting, Tampa, FL

    Launched online course on Basic Good Clinical Practices

    Opened Mentoring Program applications all year (instead of once per year)

    Introduced first AM app/mobile-friendly program

  33. 32nd SQA Annual Meeting, Grapevine, TX

    Participated in first STEM outreach activity, created STEM website and video

    Launched the Pharmacovigilance Specialty Section

    Launched the Database of 483 Information

    Tagline became “Home to the World’s Best QA Professionals”

    Launched the online course on Basic Good Laboratory Practices

  34. 33rd SQA Annual Meeting, National Harbor, MD

    Launched the Quality Assurance Consulting Support Specialty Section

    Regulatory Forum evolved into the Specialty Section Council

    Executive Director transition from Elliott Graham (retired) to Alison Cockrell

    Launched the online course on SOPs

    Launched RQAP-GLP Practice Exam

    Launched the SQA Distinguished Speakers Inventory

    Formed the STEM Committee

  35. 34th SQA Annual Meeting, Anaheim, CA

    Launched RQAP-GCP Practice Exam

    Changed Regulatory Forum Council to the new Specialty Section Council

    Launched two new online courses (Study Director/Part 11)

    Website redesigned

    Held record number of SQA webinars