How We are Organized

SQA is organized into:  the Board of Directors (and a subset of the Board known as the Executive Committee); 14 standing Committees; 12 Specialty Sections; a professional credentialing body; and 11 independent Regional Chapters. Encompassing this organizational structure is the membership body of the Society, including 5 member types.

The Board of Directors has oversight of all operations conducted by the Society. The Committees perform ongoing specific tasks by function and as assigned by the Board. The Specialty Sections provide members with a forum for discussion and information sharing in their specific areas of the research Quality Assurance field and also contribute to Society education and publications in their specialty areas. Drawing membership from the Specialty Sections is the Specialty Section Council, which provides a forum for discussion and analysis of regulatory issues, legislation and trends across QA disciplines.

The professional credentialing body, the Council on Professional Registration (CPR), provides QA professionals with the opportunity to earn a credential in research quality assurance by passing an intensive examination in their field and to maintain that credential through ongoing professional activities.

The Regional Chapters provide chapter members with the opportunity for professional development and networking in a geographical region that is close to them. Chapter membership is separate from SQA, but many QA professionals maintain membership in both. SQA Headquarters manages the membership of the eight US-based Regional Chapters.

Headquarters staff manage the daily operations of the Society and provide services in strategic planning, membership, education, event planning, website & publication design, accounting, marketing and communications. Contact Us.