Council on Professional Registration

The Council on Professional Registration (Council or CPR) oversees the writing and administration of the GLP and GCP Quality Assurance Professional Registry Examinations, the notification of exam results to candidates, and the re-registration of Registrants. The Council consists of a Chair, Past Chair, Chair-Elect, Secretary, GLP Member-at-Large and GCP Member-at-Large. All members of the Council are Registered Quality Assurance Professionals (Registrants) and are elected by those individuals who also are Registrants.

From this page you can access the Candidate Handbook, Study References, and Re-registration information. You can also find the current members of the Council, a current listing of Registrants, and Council SOPs. The mission statement and goals of the Council are also listed on this page.

Becoming a Registered Quality Assurance Professional in GLP (RQAP-GLP) shows a basic competency and knowledge of the FDA, EPA and OECD GLPs. Similarly, becoming a RQAP-GCP shows a basic competency and knowledge of the US, Canadian, and EU laws, regulations, policies, and guidance documents applicable to professional practice as a clinical quality assurance professional. Surveys suggest that various benefits may accrue to the individual who is credentialed as a RQAP. In order to make these benefits available to the widest range of professionals, this voluntary program is not restricted solely to SQA members, but is open to any person who meets the examination requirements and maintains registration.

The RQAP program achieved a significant milestone in 2008 - the implementation of computer-based testing of the RQAP examinations. The goal of this new format for RQAP Examination administration is to place registration within reach of more active professionals in the industry, eliminating the requirement for significant travel to former examination sites. Advances in the RQAP registration program signify the importance of promoting high professional standards within the QA profession. Thank you to the many volunteers within the QA community who have or are presently contributing their expertise to developing and sustaining the QA Profession.  

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Michelle Holbrook Thompson RQAP-GCP
Council on Professional Registration – 2019 Chair

2019 CPR Election

The Council on Professional Registration is proud to welcome its newest members! Registrants voted in December 2018 and selected the following new CPR members to begin their terms 1 January 2019:

Chair-Elect (GLP) (Please note: GLP Chair-Elects are selected for terms beginning in odd-numbered years, and GCP Chair-Elects are selected for terms beginning in even-numbered years.)

  • Steven L Drzick RQAP-GLP

Member-at-Large (GLP) (Please note: GLP Members-at-Large are selected for terms beginning in odd-numbered years, and GCP Members-at-Large are selected for terms beginning in even-numbered years.)

  • Cynthia R Zisson RQAP-GLP


CPR Members Only

GCP Exam Committee Members Only

GLP Exam Committee Members Only

Registry of RQAPs in GLP
 28 May 2019
Registry of RQAPs in GCP  13 May 2019

About the RQAP Credential



Demystifying RQAP
A poster presented by the Council on Professional Registration at the 28th SQA Annual Meeting in Miami, FL, April 2012 


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  • To foster professionalism in regulatory Quality Assurance and QA professionals.
  • To provide leadership in the generation, administration and support of the Quality Assurance Professional Registry Examinations on behalf of the Quality Assurance Profession and the Society of Quality Assurance (SQA).
  • To provide leadership in the RQAP registration and re-registration process on behalf of QA professionals. 


  1. Provide support to the Exam Committee to generate additional test forms which incorporate and support the international Globalization of the Quality Assurance Profession.
  2. Provide updates and outreach to the Quality Assurance Community about the RQAP exams and support the expansion of the RQAP exams outside of the US.
  3. Maintenance of the RQAP web site and Candidate Handbooks.
  4. Review and maintain the CPR policies and make them available to the RQAP membership via the web site