NDIC Diversity and Inclusion Scholarship

The National Data Integrity Conference believes that one of the best ways to solve problems and generate new ideas is by having multiple voices and perspectives in the conversation. For this reason, we are offering two Diversity and Inclusion Scholarships to the National Data Integrity Conference on June 2nd and 3rd, 2016.

What does the scholarship cover?

The registration cost to attend all sessions of the conference on June 2nd and 3rd.

Who can apply?

Anyone who can bring a unique perspective on diversity and/inclusion to the conference. Applicants do not have to be in a minority demographic. They can be students, faculty, staff, community members, state or federal employees, private sector contractors, or any other classification you can think of.

How do I apply?

In 500 words or less, briefly describe your interest in attending the conference and how you would bring a unique perspective on some aspect of diversity and/or inclusion. Please include your contact information should you be selected and email your application to ndicannual@gmail.com. Send in your application by 11:59 pm on May 16th.
We will notify applicants of their selection status on or before May 20th.